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God Does Not Exist

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  •   Vadim Kirpichev (vkirpichev@mtu-net.ru)
      ( Scientific Proof)
      љ Vadim Kirpichev, 2003
      Substitution of atheistic rhetoric by a formal proof. A trivial conclusion of God"s nonexistence is proved on the basis of Amorology (science exploring love) with the help of the equation of love. A positive outline for future activities for Russians is presented. Transfer from Noosphere to Noouniverse. Absolute materialism as intellectual Freudism, dialectic materialism and Russian cosmism integrator.
      Key words: Love, Happiness, God, Love equation.
      Neo-Freudiam model of human psyche serves as a basis for a proof of God"s nonexistence. This model in its turn serves as the basis of a science studying love - Amorology. An equation of love produces quantitative results. Definition of God is given with the help of a new notion - sartu (striving for happiness).
      God is defined through sartu and existence. Universalism of the formula of God leads to considering religious theory and practice as arrived to total expenditure, while the principle of non-multiplying of entities - to complete exclusion of the very existence of God.
      Sketch development of dialectic materialism theory and existential focus for future humankind. Negation of the necessity to choose between a fairy tale and negative world outlook.
      Scientific and moral proof of nonexistence of an absolute monotheistic God beyond Nature.
      "How happy is the Man
      Who grasped the causes
      Of all existing things"
      Vergilius, Georgics
      1. Necessity of a proof. Doubt as a crumbling foundation of Faith.
      2. Scheme of the proof.
      3. The proof.
      3.1. Basic Amorology.
      3.2. Equation of Love.
      3.3. Equation of God.
      3.4. Implementing the Occam"s Razor.
      3.5. God does not exist.
      4. Job for the Creator.
      5. Dostoyevsky"s fork. Is sincere faith possible? Godlike Humanity.
      6. An Absolute Testament.
      6.1. Faith in Aimer. Outline.
      6.2. An Absolute Commandment.
      Comparison, symbol -
      Everything lasts but a minute.
      Aims at Infinity
      Through the attainment,
      Through the atonement
      In final Truth.
      Eternal femininity
      Attracts us to it.
      I.Goethe. Faustus
      1. Necessity of a proof. Doubt as a crumbling foundation of Faith.
      In a globalized world a notion of God turns dangerous. World became too crowded, and traditional religions presume that there are values higher than human life. Are there? Earth is too small for religious fanatics.
      Faith is fed by doubt. People believe things which are impossible to check and prove conclusively.
      In monotheistic tradition the existence of God never was evident. Thus five proofs of God"s existence by Aquinas and a whole multitude of similar attempts by other theologians and philosophers. Thomas Fidel stated that the existence of God is not evident for the mind but can be proved. We shall try to prove the contrary - that nonexistence of God is evident and can be proved.
      2. Scheme of the proof.
      We shall build the proof by analogy to the known proof of nonexistence of the heat-agent and ether.
      A certain model of existing reality is built. An assertion is made that such a model scientifically explains all known facts.
      With the help of Occam"s Razor all extra entities are cut off. In this manner the kinetic theory of heat made redundant the idea of the heat-agent, and the theory of relativity - that of ether.
      3. The proof.
      3.1. Basic Amorology.
      No one can call
      Love by its true name.
      Silently blows this wind
      Staying dumb and invisible.
      Robert Burns
      Wisdom of Centuries
      What is Love? Is it possible that throughout five thousand years starting from the first texts of the period Uruk III-Djemdet-Nasr none of the great scholars managed to get at the core of the matter? Incredible. It should be evident in the brilliant light of Truth which would brighten up our petty minds as soon as we wipe the dust of ages from ancient volumes and imbibe from the deepest well of wisdom - and we shall praise the wise men of yore and scorn our own shallowness.
      To augment this brilliance we"ll take only a liberty to pair the great thinkers. Let us introduce a tint of competitiveness to dramatize the situation and watch the rounds between them trying to judge the weight of whose arguments is the most conclusive.
      Let us sit closer to the ropes.
      * * *
      "To love deeply is to forget oneself"
      Jean-Jacques Rousseau
      "True essence of love is in ... finding your true self and to master oneself"
      * * *
      "Love turns us blind".
      Lopez de Vega
      "Love is not blind for an advanced person"
      "To love is to find one"s happiness in the happiness of the other"
      G. Leibnitz
      "To love is to know that a person wishes and does to you only well"
      * * *
      "Love is the most curious and forgivable of all human weaknesses"
      Charles Dickens
      "Which wedge, which hammer can be compared to the force of love? Nothing can withstand its power"
      Henry Thoreau
      * * *
      "Deep love follows with necessity deep mind"
      "Love often takes the mind away from the one who has it..."
      Denis Diderot
      * * *
      "Love conquers all, let us be obedient to its power"
      "I dethrone love because negate its monarchial power"
      "Love is the creator of everything kind, noble, strong, warm and fair"
      "Only the low, rude and dirty mind indeed may constantly get busy its curiosity by circling around the beauty of female body"
      * * *
      "It is in love"s power to change a person beyond recognition"
      "Only love is capable to make you truly yourself"
      * * *
      It can be easily seen that each paired phrase contradicts another which means that throughout five thousand years the greatest human minds were not able to produce a consistent definition of love. One can only wonder - what did they spend all this time on?
      So there is no retreat - we have to undertake the toil of the centuries. Ten minutes will be quite enough, I presume.
      The key question will be - what is love"s denominator? What does it correlate to or associated with? Here wisdom of the centuries really comes to our help - we"ll just cite the most representative phrases:
      "Happy in the one who is in power of love"
      "What a great happiness is to love and be loved"
      "The biggest happiness in life is to be sure that you are loved"
      "The greatest happiness possible for a person - Love"
      You couldn"t have missed the inseparable satellite of love, its eternal companion. Happiness is the main correlate of love.
      But what is the happiness itself? An emotion? Way of life? Process? Aim? Aspiration, as written in the American constitution? Plucked string heard in the mist? Girl"s laughter in the blooming garden?
      The harder we try to pinpoint it - the more effectively it evades definition, inhabiting various domains.
      Eclectic entities are convenient for manipulation but not for work. Multifarious meanings are shallow if considered for practical use. That is why we include "happiness" into a mythological vocabulary without longer doubts and turn to real emotions. Where is the source of striving for happiness? Where does the wish to meet wonder around the next corner come from? What makes us tremble on a dark path in the park in anticipation of something wonderful and amazing? The answer is evident - our wishes, or, to be exact, their extra quality which very rarely meets fulfillment.
      Attention! Here is punktum saliens, the trembling point. Only a hyperwish, extra striving of the soul switches a halo above the subject marking proximity of happiness.
      When we yawn and distractedly reach for an aplle the soul is silent, but if somebody slaps our lazy hand - the forbidden fruit can pull all our attention and become more desirable than all the riches in the world. Here is a complicated mechanism at work in our soul which we shall call by a single word - sartu.
      Sartu is the word which explains the world of love.
      What is truth? An absolute lie. What is sartu? Saru (striving for happiness) is the process of converting the excessive wishes (hyperwishes) into anticipation of emerging world positively oriented towards a person, the world without dialectics and negative feedback.
      A new word "sartu" is necessary to mark the new content of ancient categories.
      We can also express the striving for happiness as looking for a miracle, anticipation of Eden, or - simpler - sartu is a mechanism of turning the excessive, unreal for the moment wishes into anticipation of the positive ego-oriented boundless world devoid of dialectics and negative feedback.
      Sartu is an amazing Nature"s oven melting hyperwishes into anticipation of a fairy tale. Sartu is an immortal Botticelli who paints with the help of boiling hormones amazing pictures which in their turn well up to the conscious level as anticipation of wonder.
      Why is it so?
      Souls strivings are myopic, linear, infinite and egoistic. The world is wide, multidimensional, limited and indifferent. Sartu pictures destiny as sunny way to heavens but earthly paths are often very narrow and uneven. Black and white stripes are constantly alternating in the world whereas sartu whereas sartu makes us see it from under a rainbow, peaks and depressions of future weekdays cardiogram are considered a steady rise, filled with wonderful adventures, towards a shining mountaintop.
      Soul is an instrument to measure the tension of the other worlds" magnetic fields.
      Without sartu, the oven melting the ore of base desires, people would have had only pitiful existence. Aspiring to get to the stars but with feeble muscles, having infinite desires but utterly lazy, wishing to reach eternal life with a heavy bag of sins, to be worldwide famous while boasting but very moderate talents, having added only a farthing to the native country"s wealth to pour all one"s money into a fat account in a Swiss bank - what could a person reach without the healing power of amazing sartu? Without such a press capable of wielding any swords into golden ploughshares and preparing the ground for happiness the impossible desired would have had simply burnt out your soul.
      And now we are approaching love again to catch its shimmering essence into the net of sartu. There is soul with hyper-desires and sartu - transcription mechanism of these desires. What is lacking? Just the object to focus the celestial fire at. God, fame, money, family, nation, power, man, woman - destiny is fanning the deck as a skillful card-sharper, you are welcome to stake, ladies and gentlemen!
      May be love is a process of sartu focusing? Can it be so that the previous phrase solves the centuries-old mystery?
      If we assume it is true we"ll immediately stop at the next problem. How sartu is focused? What is the mechanism to aim the striving to happiness and to hold it focused? Nothing much to think of, really. Such mechanism of capturing sartu expectations and keeping them focused are very well known. Their names are inseparably tied with Love - they are Hope and Faith.
      Hope clings to sartu qualities of the object, its ideal qualities and focuses sartu. Faith hold the focus and prevents the subject to fly to another flower.
      Hope starts always from a word, nice picture, a promise. It is quite enough for to create hyperwish. But Faith needs deeds because it works with a weakened, satisfied wish and has to compensate for it by vigorous imitation of sartu environment (by miracles, offerings, gifts, creating comfort).
      But let us suppose that the object got tired of such imitation, stopped generating the ideal reality because it is always great effort - and the first step to the love"s end is done. Faith falters, focus shifts from time to time, but the feeling is far from spent.
      Optimal hormonal balance is reluctant to peter out, Hope strains to maintain it, clutches at any phantom, any ghost and mirage which helps to anchor the aim and to hold the focus. Then the last mirage fades, focus is totally lost and love comes to the end. Hope ceases to hold it, being itself indication of its decline.
      Circle is finished. The soul sees, consciousness certifies that the object of love has lost all ideal sartu qualities. Faith has died. Hope to reach happiness is extinguished. And the burnt soul berths in stillness as dried soil awaiting new life-giving showers, new disturbances, powerful hyperwishes. And if after such a shower a new sartu-charged object crosses one"s way capable to give promises and maintain the level of promise - the focusing of sartu can happen again. The world will again appear glittering with Botticelli"s colours. Or not. Then the human lot is pitiful. Devoid of focus, unable to find aim in the entire Universe, burdened with everyday worries, hastened ahead by trivial needs you will trudge towards other people. And they will meet you with hateful yells.
      Definition of Love
      It is time to sum up. No matter who or where asks us about love, even in the middle of the night, we can not be taken unawares. Be it the love to money, God, woman, man or whatever - it is the aimed at a certain object sartu.
      Love is the focused sartu.
      Laws of Human Attraction
      The next step is to check harmony by algebra. It is not enough to define love in the sphere of humanities (Physicists still consider humanitarians just people yielding to the temptation to abandon themselves to lyrical feelings, demonstrating but various stages of ignorance in "real" sciences). That is why we"ll try to formulate our findings in the form of an equation, or rather a system of equations. Because there are always two equations capable to describe love: the first is a description of Love-Hope, and the second - Love-Faith.
      Love-Faith is always trivial and basically uninteresting, that is why we"ll pay maximum attention to the main equation of Love-Hope.
      3.2. Equation of Love
      Updating Freud
      We can not do without Freud. We shall use the state of art elements of human psyche, accepted by modern science: Ego, Id and Superego.
      Allow me to remind basic categories.
      "Ego" is a domain of consciousness, the intermediary between the unconscious ("Id") and out-lying reality, including social structural elements which coordinate human unconscious with a concrete reality, expediency and necessity. "Ego" is an unhappy servant of two masters, darting between "Id" craving pleasures and strict commandments regulating family life, that of society and civilization.
      "Id" inhabits the domain of the unconscious attractions; it is psychic "core" of a person, the level of vague cravings, and the source of energy which moves all human activities.
      "Superego" is conscience integrated into one"s personality. The highest court which judges according to the norms formed at the inter-personal level. Moral censorship, an intermediary between unconscious drives and consciousness, settling conflict between which couldn"t have been solved without such interference. Conscious mind leans on its support when Id"s drives turn too insistent and going too far apart from cultural and social lines.
      Correcting the Freud"s mistake we are adding as a separate element Intellect, without which all Freudian psychic organization remains "psychics below the waist".
      The quality of consciousness we shall consider as equal counterpart to its form.
      World Law of Human Attraction. Equation of Love.
      L= V (Id)* I (Ego)/ С(Intellect) - N (Superego)
      L - power of Love
      V - extent of Id"s excitement, power of the excited unconscious, hormonal push
      I - ideal component of the real object, extent of sartu, the level of correlation of the real object to our aesthetic ideals and personal sartu expectations
      C - coefficient of Intellect
      N - negative component of the moral Superego, the left uncovered properties of the object which are contrary to the religious, social, race, national and other prejudices and prohibitions.
      Let us remember the origins of Superego. Such as the traces left by father"s belt on one"s tender behind.
      To our regret there is no place enough to include neither the lemma of equality which brought us to the present form of the equation, not the details of the equation"s deduction. It is a subject for a separate book.
      Look again at the equation - it is an outline of the immortal human soul. Having a formula let us make a first calculation.
      Calculating the power of Romeo"s love towards Juliet
      Here is estimation.
      Let us assume that each value is measured in points from 1 to 10.
      V (Id) for Romeo can be estimated as 10, considering hypersexuality of his age and Southern temper.
      I (Ego) - approximation to an ideal, Juliet"s extent of sartu for him is also 10.
      C (Intellect) = 4. Romeo"s IQ was clearly quite average, 80-90 points of usual scale.
      N (Superego) = 7. Blood feud, hate did not manage to engulf the youth"s soul entirely.
      L = 10*10/4 - 7 = 18
      Romeo loved Juliet with the power of 18 points. Under stresses, when C drastically diminishes, Love grew stronger of course, which led to a final tragedy.
      The same equation can be used to calculate Love to God.
      3.3. Equation of God
      I"ve seen a lot of this, this very world,
      A fool would be the one, who dreams the one beyond,
      Would think to meet one"s double there
      And spends his life in the pursuit of ghost.
      Stand firmly on thy feet and exercise your talents.
      Cease building the Eternity in Heaven!
      This very world speaks multitude of tongues!
      I.Goethe "Faustus"
      Thus Spake History
      Continuing the Encyclopaedists" tradition the 19th Century has answered in the question "What is God", general form. It firmly placed machines everywhere and led to the fore of the historical stage a proud man. After the emotional negation of God by Encyclopaedists, moving through the Faustus ideal - a free man on free land - Nietzsche arrived at his sacramental "God is dead". Great power of Marxism worked to a large extent to make this idea to take root in the enlightened minds. But the 20th century very quickly cooled youthful ardor and showed that Smerdyakovs in absence of higher Authority are capable of unpronounceable deeds, which made again the world agree with usefulness of religions, notwithstanding the fact that they very often represent a symbiosis of happy clever priests and foolish unhappy wives.
      And a person looking for an intellectual truth is still darting between two mirrors: on the one hand there is Nietzsche with his "God is dead", on the other - Merezhkovsky and Solzhenitsyn with their "people have forgotten God, which led to all ills in the world".
      Approaching the Equation of God
      What can absolute materialism say about God? At first sight the problem of God falls into two parts: God the Creator and God the Consoler, God the Physicist and God the Lyric, God - Creator of the Universe and God accepting our prayers. When Einstein was speaking about God he was thinking about the Creator of the Universe and its laws. When an illiterate and hapless peasant woman is speaking about God, she is speaking about the master of Eden. But there is practically no difference between them, really. And Einstein does not differ in this aspect from the peasant woman.
      Another example. It is common knowledge that one of the conditions of Prince Vladimir taking the Byzantine princess Ann as his wife was accepting of Christianity in Russia, not the first condition though. One can assume that if Vladimir could have been drawn by another dame we could have lived with a different faith. But such an assumption doesn"t stand criticism because we know from the Annals what was the advantage of Christianity over pagan beliefs for our ancestors. The Christian God logically and with consolation answered two main questions of the mind and soul: how was the world created and what will a person encounter after death.
      Two Main Human Existances
      There can be no atheists in the trench.
      Time came to remember the definition of sartu. It is transformation of our wishes impossible to be fulfilled here and now into the dreams of a world, positively oriented towards a person, without dialectics and negative feedback, where one pleasure is followed by another instead of hangover, delights never dull and all our wishes come true absolutely free.
      What have we described just now? Absolute happiness which can be delivered only by an Absolute. God is distilled sartu, placed by a dream beyond clouds. An attentive reader may ask: you say "Love is sartu", "Beauty is sartu", "God is sartu". What is the difference?
      Existance. Here is the answer. Existance... If sartu in charged with existential force , if a person tries to solve an extremely important problem, such as the problem of life and death, and contradictions pull him apart, then existence begins to push at the denominator in the equation so heavily and to blow numerator to such proportions that it becomes possible to believe in anything.
      God = Sartu + Existance
      Here is a simple and clear equation of God. The nature of existential problem does not matter - be it a necessity to understand the reason of the Universe or ordinary grief. This makes grieving peasant woman and Einstein equal before the sartu mechanism, but the origin of their problems urging them to seek Absolute is different: ontological for the peasant woman, epistemological for the scientist. One can not but admire the universal mechanism of sartu which may find specific way of consolation for any problem. Einstein"s existance leads him to wish for an understandable reason explaining the world he investigates, to believe in wisdom of physical laws. It might explain "strange" religious utterances of some distinguished scientists.
      Basic intellectual existance consists in the wish to get at the reason of all Universe , this wish evolved from the cause-and-consequence structure of human thinking, as well as need for wisdom and reliability of cognition.
      Basic ontological existance is dread of death, wish of eternal life for oneself and ones relatives.
      God is an Absolute designed to console both our existances. God is an arm shake between mind and soul.
      Two main proofs of Gods existence of Thomas Aquinas are based just on the abovementioned types of existance.
      Again it will be timely to remember our ancient Annals and the story of Russia"s Christianization. Our ancestors preferred Christianity because it answered in a very simple and consoling way two main questions: What is the reason of this World? What will become with us after death? Both questions were answered by Christianity in compliance with human nature"s sartu, which satisfied both Einstein"s of the time and common people.
      3.4. Implementing the Occam"s Razor.
      Equation of Love exhaustively explains why the monotheistic religions managed to conquer others in the long run. Ancient prophets understood quite clearly the critical role of reason in faith. With intellect as the denominator and skeptical experience of the humankind as the numerator only an absolute devoid of properties is capable to mask its fairy-tale essence.
      Monotheism was suggested as a great answer to the eternal skepticism of the mind in the 15-12 centuries B.C. God was put out of the brackets of Nature and shielded from the attacks of experience and intellect. The next step was to get God rid of all the properties putting Him out from the critical bout.
      Naïf Greek polytheism being too burdened with earthly qualities (mount Olympus) could not stand widening of Ecumen and the sphere of human interference with Nature. Monotheism stood its ground mainly due to removing the object of sartu focusing out of reach - beyond Nature and Universe. But it is high time to penetrate there too.
      Equation of Love and equation of God exhaust emotional, psychological side of religion and provide for its possibility. Social practice of religions can be explained by their stabilizing and conserving role in the society. Thus it is proved: there is no God beyond the existential sartu. God is within soul. More precisely it is sartu focusing of the existence towards the mentally conceivable absolute object. Depending on climatic, national, geographical, political and other conditions ruling elite chooses the concrete absolute object for the people to focus their sartu.
      We described the sartu model of human psychology. Equation of Love (including love to God) was deducted. It can be implemented to calculating love towards the Creator.
      Occam"s Razor principle is against multiplying unnecessary entities. Conclusion: if the sartu model of psyche is correct, then
      3.5. God does not exist.
      4. Job for the Creator
      Creator, move from your absolutely cold post and step into Nature, reject the amoral stance of the impartial judge and master of your slaves. Come to the world and help us to carry the brunt of the Universe. Return to the people in the image of God-like Humanity.
      God always returns.
      5. Dostoyevsky"s fork. Is sincere faith possible? Godlike Humanity
      Atheism is Oedipus complex of the Humanity.
      One can remember Dostoyevsky"s thought that if he were to choose between Truth and Christ he would have chosen Christ. But it is important that he came to religion through the pending capital punishment, that is through absolute existance.
      To be or not to be? When such a problem washes over you like the tenth wave there are two possibilities: two jab the destiny that is killing you with its arrows by your sword, or, if you don"t have any inclination to bring forth blood, just to close your eyes, switch on the sartu mechanisms, understand and forgive everybody, and dream sweet dreams. God is the skill to be happy in misfortune. God is the mechanism to revert negative emotions into love.
      To believe or not to believe? That is Dostoyevsky"s fork. Sartu mechanism is indispensable to guard human psyche from misfortunes, but monotheistic God manages this job worse and worse. It becomes more and more difficult to trust him. The wish to believe in God clashes with the parental directive that it is bad to tell lies, and often looses.
      Is it possible to believe without absolute lie, is belief possible without lies at all?
      Godlike Humanity. World Mind - Aimer. Noospheric idea, Russian cosmism in their evolution to the absolute. To replace the absolute lie with the absolute purpose. No other way can be seen at present.
      Purpose - to grow noosphere to noouniverse. Aimer, Godlike Humanity and noouniverse are synonyms here.
      To join in the global Godlike Humanity. To strive reaching joint Universe through absolute human aim instead of ancient fairy tale.
      Humankind should create new, better universes instead of moving towards self-destruction in petty fights for meager plots of land urged by religious fanaticism. God in such conflicts is the way to make people kill each other.
      6. An Absolute Testament
      6.1. Faith in Aimer. Outline.
      Two basic human existances are eternal. They always will be demanding an absolute object for aiming at, to focus. Monotheism got obsolete in the 18t century. In the Goethe"s Faustus God and angels choruses seemed obsolete. Though Mephistopheles appeared almost alive.
      The third Milennium should answer with its choice: Aimer (World Mind) - Godlike Humanity - noouniverse.
      Philosophy should fortify them with absolute materialism.
      Dialectic materialism became obsolete because a person was left out.
      Grounds for Absolute Materialism
      Scholar is not a mirror but a translator of poetry.
      World is a process of matter development.
      Space-time, cause-consequence, infinity-finality are forms of thought.
      Universes are multiple. The mechanism of self-emergence of matter is impossible in a single Universe.
      We shall ourselves create the world to live in.
      Faith in Aimer. Faith without the Absolute Lie
      Absolute lie is substituted by purpose. United Godlike Humanity will solve both existential problems in the process of its development.
      Basic Epistemological Existance
      In order to avoid the necessity to introduce God as the creator of the Universe we should build a model where matter brings it forth by itself from nothing.
      This model is very simple. If we take a pair Universe-Anti-Universe with time flowing in opposite directions and with Mer in each of them, then Aimer of our Universe will create Anti-Universe while Aimer of the Anti-Universe (Remai) - ours. For a detached observer it will look as emergence of the pair World- Antiworld out of nothing. In physics of elemental particles there is a full analogy to this process - emergence of the pair electron-positron from vacuum.
      In this way Aimers are creating universes and the possibility of their own existence. B. Spinoza"s notion of "existence in itself, self-causality" is implemented by pairs World-Antiworld, Aimer - Remai.
      Basic Ontological Existance
      Needs a genius.
      6.2. An Absolute Commandment.
      Improve matter.

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